We are a casual wine company that serves and creates moments for those who love life.

We create exciting, easy-to-drink wines that accompany great stories, moments, and memories. Life is intense: you have to take a break, live, share the moments and stay in love with what makes us feel alive and happy.

Leo&Niné was born from the idea of ​​giving a modern twist to a traditional and yet unpredictable, complex and captivating drink such as wine. How do we do it? First of all, the broth: unpretentious, fresh and delicious. Secondly, the concept: We believe in sharing, in being spontaneous and radiant, each of our company's brands is aimed at transmitting an emotion, a feeling and a memory to hold on to. Thirdly, the image: contemporary and stripped of the superfluous.

With an unbeatable location at the foot of the Pyrenees, our vineyards are irrigated by meltwater and protected by the DO Somontano. Although Leo & Niné is committed to a more contemporary vision and experience of wine consumption, we continue to believe in the power of manual labor, such as pruning in winter and weeding those rebellious shoots in spring to aerate the grapes until they reach their ripe point. ideal ripeness peak.

We also entrust the production of our wines to the traditional fermentation process, playing with aging between steel tanks and oak barrels. And all this to give life to Leo&Niné wines…


The wonderful pleasure of sharing pleasant moments accompanied by the perfect drink. From the bottle to each heart around the table. Everything is based on the sensations and emotions that emanate from the wine itself.

be spontaneous

L&N is part of an instant, an instant that is part of a story, a story to be lived. Appreciating every moment is, without a doubt, a celebration of life. A casual wine for those who enjoy every moment.

be radiant

L&N intends to live lightly, but feel intensely. Always with
naturalness. It is a celebration of life lived effortlessly. fresh and
cheerful. It is natural perfection.