The client will have a maximum of 15 calendar days from the receipt of the order to process its return, in accordance with the applicable legislation. Once these 15 days have passed, LEO&NINÉWINES will not accept said return.

To process a return, the user must contact LEO&NINÉ WINES on the phone number +34 974 305 780, from where the necessary procedures will be carried out, under the following conditions:

The product must be returned in its original packaging and condition, including the proof of purchase and the delivery note of the product, as well as the reason for the return.

The return must be sent to LEO&NINÉ WINES located at Camino Barbastro nº9, 22423 Estadilla (Huesca), Spain. The return costs will be assumed by the customer.


If the product is not in optimal conditions and/or presents a defect for reasons not attributable to the user, it may be returned within a maximum period of 15 calendar days from receipt of the order, proceeding to its replacement. The user will have the right to claim, and to be delivered, an equal product, in perfect condition. In the event that the product is not available, the company will proceed to reimburse the amount that the customer has paid, including shipping costs, according to the payment method used in the purchase.

In the specific case of defective products, or that do not correspond to the order placed by the client, the latter will not have to face the costs of returning said products.


Provided that the user has complied with the aforementioned conditions, LEO&NINÉ WINES will proceed to reimburse the price paid, corresponding to the products returned by the user. In the event of a return due to withdrawal, LEO&NINÉ WINES will not pay the shipping or return costs.

In case of not complying with the requirements included in these General Conditions, the user will not be entitled to a refund of any amount.

If it were a partial return, the user will be reimbursed the corresponding amount for the returned products.

LEO&NINÉ WINES will proceed to return the order through the same payment method used by the user for the purchase, or if this is not possible, by one chosen by the winery that guarantees the indemnity of the user, within a period of 20 days from the collection of the product and after the pertinent verification of the state of said product.